Lands of In-KO-8 Trilogy

Inchoate is a dark-matter world at the birth of the Solar System, which the planet Earth enveloped. Each evolved separately but not independently. The civilizations of Inchoate flourished until a disaster flung the world to the Sirius star system where it remained for a millennium. Scientists finally restored Inchoate to its rightful place in the galaxy, but the resulting damage, chaos, and greed led to conflict, confusion and wars.

A world on the brink of disaster… Did the planet withstand a great political and religious discovery that shook its core? The saga unfolds in Lands of In-KO-8 Trilogy.



Kirkus Review

“Fisher’s keen grasp of science helps create a believable, full-bodied civilization. The lands and characters resemble an odd marriage of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings saga and the more recent Dune novels. . . Inchoate is a land with a varied, rich history, culled from seemingly real-life examples. The author’s sharp attention to detail, in elements from language to food, brings an original sense of realism to the tale—sometimes it appears more history book than fiction.”