The Lands of Inchoate
THE NOW TIME 2nd Edition, 2009


This saga is about a small planet revolving around a stellar system far from Earth. It is a planet in crisis. Wars in the recent past have not solved the problems of growing demand and scarce resources.

Now a grand war will come, with its death and destruction . . .

All is not as it seems. The planet, its sentient beings, and all the lands of Inchoate are dark matter. Over 70% of the entire Universe is composed of this material and energy. Further, the planet is in immanent danger of destruction.

Quick action means doom or victory for the friends and foes grappling in the depths of space. The outcome could affect the Earth as well.

Kirkus Discoveries says:

“….In Inchoate, Fisher has created a believable and fully developed world filled with medieval-style heroes and fantastic creatures. His story, which seems to take cues from Stephen Donaldson’s Thomas Covenant chronicles and Umberto Eco’s The Name ofthe Rose, zips along at an enjoyable pace and features a colorful cast of characters….(the hero) Narrowpath rides around on a pair of jackalopes, unusual hybrids more likely to be found on posters in Nebraska truck stops. He names them George and Gracie, after the famed comedy duo, and predictable “Goodnight, Gracie” gags ensue….a jackalope ride you won’t want to miss.”